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Assisting you all along the way of your app journey: from idea to the App Store.
Do the cost efficient development, transparent development process, quick turn-around.

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Our workflow

Thinking with you, sharing our experience
  • Mobile development workflow - from idea to the AppStore and your next version of the app.
  • Assist with a clear statement of work, transparent and fair for both sides.
  • Considering your business model, burn rate, taking into account Apple's and Google's 20%, app support and development.
  • Suggesting cost and time efficient technological stack, that will support your app growth, reducing your costs up to ~1,8 times.
To the drawing board
  • To ensure everyone is on the same page, we draw everything, and make sure everyone in the process will see what is required.
  • We draw accordingly to the UX/UI guidelines from Apple & Google and to match actual tendencies.
  • To make it feel real, we connect all the dots and you give you a click-able (actually tap-able) prototype.
  • Once it's all clear and fixed, you can get a fair estimate and make sure it's all settled as an official statement of work.
Statement of Work and Project Plan
Now you are all done to get a proper estimate for the your application development - the technical requirements and app screens are both added to the formal agreement to facilitate clear execution.

You are obviously free to get a market's estimate of the app execution, and if you decide to do so, we will hand-over the materials and all of the information to the development team of your choice.

Surely thought, we would be more than glad to keep the execution and do the support, or be of help to you with another project.
We are doing weekly sprints (mention the book) to keep things running.

So, once you made a go decision, on top of the tickets system access, you get the following artifacts weekly:

  • Current build;
  • Appropriate source code;
  • Summary on the working hours spend and things done;
  • Estimate and plan for the next week.
Testing / QA / QC
If agreed - an automated testing and in any case, our internal acceptance procedure by a product owner - the person, who works with you along the process, assisting in creating a technical requirements, crafting the UX/UI of the app.

Upon request, we will gladly offer you an extensive testing as an extra service from our side, to ensure a more polished product to the end users.
Go live on the App store!
We keep working with Apple and Google to make sure your app published properly and quickly:

  • register yourself or your company;
  • help you collecting all of the data, filling the forms for you;
  • filling all of the meta-data, help to prevent, but if happened - helps to resolve issues;
  • do the customer and technical support, collects and provide you usage statistics.
Quite often, the app needs a Web landing page - we would gladly implement it for you or advice you the services matching your functionality and price tag requirements.

We can also assist you with search engine optimization (SEO), as well as Apple's AppStore & Google Play, social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
Support and development
Usage analytics, customer support, technical support and updates, new functionality implementation, performance optimizations, and other process, requires to keep your app up to date and developing with your users needs.

Why clients trust us

We are highly interested in your business success
Long term relationships are beneficial for both sides of the process.

We love what we do and we are highly interested to keep it growing, all along with you.
We have a broad experience
... from the ground zero to a large scale distributed international projects.
Risk free
All our business model is build on top of reducing the risk that is usually associated with the development.

One of the key thing here - it's a quick development iterations, so you can see and manage the result almost instantly.

Personal warranty

Glad to meet you

Alexander Potemkin

I'm a founder of the company and my goal is to let talented people around the world to work on and create cool technological business products.

I guarantee that the whole process will be crystal clear and transparent and everyone from the company will be dedicated to your product success.

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